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I know! You all think I’ve been abducted by aliens (they were very polite and I’m not allowed to talk about it, thanks) but no! In fact, I’ve been head-down and powering through the first draft of STARLING 2! (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)
But I couldn’t let today go by without noting that TEMPESTUOUS, the third book in the WONDROUS STRANGE trilogy (CHECK OUT THE AWESOME TRAILER BELOW!) has just released in paperback format in the US and digest paperback in Canada! This… this is cause for celebration. For those of you holding off on reading the last book in the series until it was in a more portable (and cheaper!) format, this day is for YOU!
And, just to make it sooper-special, I’m going to give away a US copy (which has a preview of STARLING!!) and a CAN copy (which has a cool matte finish!!), and I will open this contest up INTERNATIONALLY.
All you have to do is REPOST or TWEET the TEMPESTUOUS trailer, seen below, and let me know that you did so in the comments! Contest closes midnight, EST,  June 15, 2012!
And I also want to send a big THANK YOU to all of my readers who have embraced Sonny and Kelley and the rest of the WONDROUS STRANGE crew! It ain’t over yet!
…the End is only the Beginning… 

Find the new TEMPESTUOUS here:








Hey hey!
It’s April! And it looks like it’s shaping up to be a busy month. Here are some upcoming appearances I’ve got scheduled. If any of you guys in in the area, I’d LOVE it if you’d come on out and say “hi!”

Guest of Honour at AD ASTRA
April 13, 14 & 15, 2012
Markham Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites

This is one of my favorite SFF literary conventions. One of the first ones I ever attended back in the days when I was still an unpublished whippersnapper! I’m beyond thrilled that the Ad Astra folks have see fit to invite me to be a Guest of Honour this year.

Come on out! It’s a blast!

On Saturday, join me and Mark Askwith from SPACE for a special one-on-one hour where I’ll be giving out special sneak-peek previews of STARLING to attendees!

Check out the website here:


And then, as part of the ongoing Penguin RazOrbill Launch Festivities, I will be doing two events with amazing authors, Charles de Lint and Jay Asher!


Wednesday, April 18th, 7pm
Chapters, Pointe-Claire
6321 Autoroute Transcanadienne,
Pointe-Claire, QC
Jay Asher, Lesley Livingston and Charles de Lint

Thursday, April 19th, 7pm
Indigo, Yorkdale Mall
3401 Dufferin Street Unit #29,
Toronto, ON
Jay Asher, Lesley Livingston and Charles de Lint


I will also be at the L3 Writers Conference in Barrie, ON on April 19, 2012 to do a presentation with super-cool author Robert Paul Weston! Info here:

And, y’know, somewhere in there… I’ll be working on another book! Or two! Ha! Bring Coffee!


Hey all!

Well… last week kinda went sideways, what with the death of the hard drive in my MacAIR and all (Bob is dead! Long live AlsoBob!). There was panicking and tears and recriminations and–thankfully–not too much work lost on the current book. But… yeah. It got ugly there for a bit. Yeesh.

But! I’m finally able to announce the three winners, chosen at random, of the WONDROUS STRANGE trilogy sets! Thank you so much to everyone who entered and tweeted and blogged and spread the STARLING cover love! I adore you all!

In fact, I adore you all soooo much that I’ll be holding another giveaway plenty soon! (No hints, except to say that I might just have recently received a few shiny shiny STARLING Advance Reader Copies…) WATCH THIS SPACE!!

And now — without further ado — congratulations to:

Melissa (My World… in Words and Pages)



Please email me your mailing info to:

lesley (at) lesleylivingston (dot) com

Thanks again to everyone!

STARLING Cover Reveal!!!! And Giveaway!!

As you can see, I have been blessed by the Goddess of Cover Art Awesomeness once again!

There’s very little I can say about this cover other than I am

“Thrilling and intense; pulls you along lik
e the inevitable rush toward Ragnarok.”
~ Julie Kagawa, New York Times bestselling author of the IRON FEY series

“A must read for all mythology fans!”
~ Josephine Angelini, bestselling author of STARCROSSED

“Love is just the beginning… of the end.”

When Mason Starling rescues an unconscious young man from the ravages of a terrible storm—and he rescues her from the otherworldly creatures lurking in that storm—little does she know her whole life is about to spiral dramatically, mystically out of control. Someone is trying to kill her, someone else is trying to use her, and the only one who seems willing to help her is the tantalizing, dangerous stranger who can’t even remember who—or what—he is. All he remembers is his name: Fennrys Wolf.

What Fennrys doesn’t know is that, thanks in part to his past actions, a crack has appeared in the barrier between the mortal world and the Beyond Realms. The crack has opened up a nexus of dark energy in the middle of the East River and it’s attracting the attention of powerful entities on both sides of the rift.

Because of that, a longstanding truce involving the members of several ancient underworld cartels is now in jeopardy. Mason, Fennrys, and the students of elite Gosforth Academy—a neutral-ground “safe haven” for children of the Families—soon find themselves caught in the crossfire as the servants of the warring pantheons fight to see whose gods come out on top…and whose demons go down in flames.

Set in New York City, with all its dark, gritty sparkle, the STARLING saga explores the spaces between the worlds and the realms of the ancient gods… only a heartbeat beyond. It’s a tale spun from ancient mythologies—Norse and Greek and Egyptian—filled to the brim with adventure, danger, and romance, and played out against the backdrop of a city with its own siren-song.

From the universe of Lesley Livingston’s WONDROUS STRANGE, a new series and captivating heroine make their exciting debut.

See?? Thrilled!!
In fact, I’m SO thrilled, I’m going to share my thrillitude! And that means…


That’s right. I have three – count ’em three – SIGNED, HARDCOVER, TRILOGY SETS of my WONDROUS STRANGE series available to win!

All you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog. Extra entry if you tweet this post, Two extra entries if you post the cover of STARLING on your own blog! (Just let me know in your comment!)

I’ll be accepting entries until Midnight, EST on March 15!
(USA and Canada)

Add STARLING to your Goodreads TBR pile!

NEWS!!! For Those Who Do Not Tweet!

I salute you! And I belatedly bring you the following good news!
(After a SOOPER-EXTENDED blogging hiatus, I know, and it ain’t ending just yet – these books don’t write themselves, y’know!)

Lesley Livingston and Jonathan Llyr’s THE WIGGINS WEIRD, about two young cousins growing up in a drive-in movie theatre in a middle-of-nowhere town, who are faced with a series of strange occurrences that can only be solved with the help of their extensive knowledge of B-Movie trivia, to Lynne Missen at Penguin Canada, by Jessica Regel at the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency.

That’s right, true-believers, a NEW SERIES! Co-written with the AWESOME Jonathan Llyr!

It’s my first foray into middle grade and it promises to be a TON of FUN!

ONCE EVERY NEVER – The Adventure Continues!!

Last night, I held a party for the launch of ONCE EVERY NEVER. It was an enormous amount of fun that I will tell you guys all about in another post.

What I wanted to say here is that I’m SO excited because last night, my lovely and talented editor at Penguin Canada stood up and announced that there will be two–count ’em–two more books in the series!! So, really? I like it… A LOT!

They are tentatively titled EVERY NEVER AFTER and NOW AND FOR NEVER.

I’m pretty stoked about it! (I’m also a freaking genius at understatement!!!)

I mean – How can I not be thrilled about this?? Especially after all the fun I had last night with this first book!


(How can you NOT have fun when you have a bunch of Roman and Celtic warrior types there to make sure you have fun. Or else!)

(photos yoinked from the lovely Chrystal at He Followed Me Home!)


Today marks the first day of the official ONCE EVERY NEVER Blog Tour!!

Please join me in visiting these lovely blogs as Clare and Al and Milo and Comorra and Connal make their way through the blogosphere!

Links for the Blog Tour:

Burning Impossibly Bright: – June 20
Not Your Faerytale: – June 21
Let’s Book It: – June 22
He Followed Me Home: – June 23
In the Next Room: – June 24
Mocha Latte Reads: – June 27
Wicked Lil’ Pixie: – June 28
Evie Bookish: – June 29
Escape Through the Pages: – June 30
YA Bookie Monster: – July 1
Snowdrop Dreams of Books: – July 4
Tynga’s Reviews: – July 5
The Queen of All Wild Things: – July 6
Lost for Words: – July 7
Lavender Lines: – July 8


Come celebrate the Summer Solstice and launch of ONCE EVERY NEVER with me at the Dominion on Queen Restaurant and Pub (500 Queen Street East, Toronto) on Tuesday, June 21 at 7:00 pm! I will be reading, signing, there will be live music, drinks, books available for purchase and more fun than you can shake a stick at. A really big stick!

Hope to see you there!


What a LOVELY way to start my day! The very first email I opened up was from my wonderful Spanish publisher, ViceVersa Editorial, sending me the cover art for the third book in the Wondrous Strange trilogy, TEMPESTUOUS. Or — as it will be called in Spain — LA ULTIMA FUNCION! Isn’t it lovely?

I really love the treatment ViceVersa has given the entire series but I think this one, in particular, knocks it out of the park! I love Kelley’s wings (and I so love how they change from cover to cover, just like they do in the books), I love the fierceness of her expression, I love the dichotomy between the mortal and faeire realms… and I LOVE the fact that a certain kelpie gets a bit of screen time, too!

I also love the title, which traslates as THE LAST PERFORMANCE or THE FINAL ACT. How perfect is that??

The Spanish edition will launch on May 12, 2011.

And just in case you’ve forgotten what the previous two covers looked like… here you go!

THE NINTH NIGHT (Wondrous Strange)