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Hey hey, everyone!

Just a heads up to let you all know that the lovely Kate at READ THIS BOOK has posted an interview with me and is running a contest until the first week of October, giving you a chance to win a Advance Review Copy of DARKLIGHT!

Go here to enter!

The fantastic thing is that you an increase your chances to win dramatically by entering as many times as you want!! With bonus entries for re-tweeting and following and all that good stuff. Enter now and often! Whee!

I love a good contest, don’t you?

Oh, and by the way, the mass market paperback version of WONDROUS STRANGE releases in the US on September 22nd – in only nine days!! – so keep an eye out for that if you live in the States! Or go here to order it from Amazon! It’s sleek and portable and lovely.

Now I must bid you adieugo do some more gleefully diabolical work on Book the Third! Muwah ha ha ha ha…

Blog Review: Wondrous Love!!

The marvelous Lee Verday, super-cool book blogger and husband to Jessica Verday of the upcoming release THE HOLLOW (which I can’t wait to get my hands on), has posted a really lovely review of WONDROUS STRANGE on his blog!

Pop over if you get the chance and leave a ‘hello’ in the comment trail! Lee runs some of the coolest contests and giveaways from time to time (I think he’s got 2 different ones going on now) and he’s totally worth a visit or ten! Tell him Lesley sent you!

Check it out here!

Tell-tale Signs There Has Been a Faerie Battle in Your Neighborhood!

Or, “Life Imitates Art”

Okay… this is a little eerie…

For those of you who’ve read WONDROUS STRANGE, you’ll have already met Queen Mabh’s pals, the Cailleach – or Storm Hags, as they are affectionately (!) referred to.

Well… the Hags make an appearance in DARKLIGHT, too (during a bit of a knock-down with some of the nastier creatures of the Otherworld). And they do stuff like – er – this right in the middle of Central Park:


“Kelley glanced upward as a deafening whine and hiss assaulted her ears. The sky directly above her head tumbled with black and purple thunderheads and three Cailleach—her mother’s fearsome Storm Hags—suddenly appeared in a burst of lightning and thunder…

The Cailleach were like the living embodiment of unpleasant weather—in this case, three whip-twisty funnel clouds… they swirled together into one massive, tornado-like formation, plucked the whole tangled pack of thrashing fae out of the Gill, and spun away with them over the tree-tops, spitting lightning randomly about the park as they went.

The silence left behind in their wake was deafening.”

Then I saw this news report about a violent storm sweeping through the park and wondered if they’d actually managed to escape the pages of the book!! 😉

Check out this footage of the aftermath – scary stuff!

Spring *ahem* Cleaning!

Ah! That’s better!

Okay, so maybe it’s not exactly Spring — although it sure ain’t Summer as far as I can tell with this *mutter* weather — but I thought I’d fling open the windows and do a bit of sweeping up here at …iOw… this weekend!

Mostly tidying up the sidebar. And adding a blogroll — finally! If you would like to be included in the list, just drop me a note in the comment trail here or shoot me an email!

Speaking of email… I’m working on getting through a major backlog! I owe a ton of people a response and I will get back to you! It’s just taking me a while. Er… a loooong while. Apologies and thanks for the patience!

In the meantime, enjoy the flowers and the delightful Spring breeze. Quick. Before the freakin’ rain starts again and I have to close the window!!

This Will Be Some Enchanting Evening!!

Anyone in the Bayfield Ontario area looking for an evening of Faery fun and frolic on Sunday, August 2, 2009 please come on out and join me and the fabulous RJ Anderson, author of the Faery Rebels: Spellhunter for an evening of readings, signings and live music at
The Village Bookshop!

The event starts at 7:00 pm
Come out come out!
Bring a lawn chair and we shall revel on the lawn under the stars
and regale you with tales of the Fair Folk!

Wondrous Survivor!!

Now – this is awesome.

The Orillia Public Library is hosting a summer teen reading club called Teen Survivor, where the books are the contestants! They’ve chose eight awesome novels for teens to read and vote on and I’m tickled to say that WONDROUS STRANGE is on the island!
What’s even cooler is that the library (which pretty much sounds like the coolest library EVER!) is organizing a trip to Stratford to go see A Midsummer Night’s Dream because of my book!! I am so excited that these kids are going to get to experience real live Shakespeare all because the librarians in Orillia think WONDROUS STRANGE is cool!


A picture really IS worth a thousand words. SEVERAL thousand, in this case! I’ve been dying to post this… and now I finally can! Without further ado, lovely readers, I present to you the cover art for DARKLIGHT – book 2 in the WONDROUS STRANGE trilogy!

If you ask me, the design geniuses at HarperCollins really knocked this one out of the park. WAAAYY out. *deliriously happy sigh*


What is it about Italian that just rolls off the tongue?

ARCANE MERAVIGLIE…. doesn’t that sound lovley? It sounds even more lovely once you know that it is the Italian name for WONDROUS STRANGE!!

And it’s available HERE from the wonderful people at Fazi Editore.

That’s right Kelley and Sonny have gone International! Anybody here read Italian?

Contest Fantastic!

The fun and fantastic Lee Verday (he whose wife Jessica is the author of the soon-to-be-released and awesome-sounding THE HOLLOW) is running a contest here where you can win a signed copy of WONDROUS STRANGE or one of three signed book plates! All you have to do is leave a comment in the thread. But hurry – contest closes on Saturday at noon CST!!

The coolest thing about Lee’s contests is that you can enter as many comments as you want and each one counts as an entry! I’m thrilled and tickled to say that this particular contest has really blown the roof off Lee’s blog! At last count, there were 2,191 comment-entries!! Go check it out!


Okay, so I’ve made mention of this in a couple of my regular haunts on the web and it suddenly occured ot me that this is probably something I should also mention on my own dang blog!!


It was announced in Publisher’s Marketplace that: “Lesley Livingston’s WONDROUS STRANGE has been optioned to screenwriter David Hayter’s Dark Hero Productions (Watchmen, X2, and XMEN) & Jeff Sagansky, with Hayter penning the script, by Brendan Deneen on behalf of Objective Entertainment and Jessica Regel at Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency.”

And this is what David Hayter himself had to say in response to the announcement being posted over at HardcoreNerdity:

Speaking for Dark Hero, “We are incredibly excited to translate this remarkable book into the world of visual media. Ms. Livingston is an amazing new talent, and the world she has created is rife with fantastic images, compelling story-lines and complex characters.”

Keep you fingers crossed that Sonny and Kelley and company will soon make their way to a screen near you!