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I’m Cynsational!!

The super-fantastic Cynthia Leitich Smith, author of TANTALIZE and ETERNAL – and if you haven’t read these yet, why the heck not?! – interviewed me over on her essential-reading-for-anyone-who-writes-or-reads blog Cynsations!!

Go check it out!!

Ah – Romance…

I had a lovely time being interviewed over at Yankee Romance Reviewers about WONDROUS STRANGE, Shakespeare, and storytelling.

Go check it out and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the book!

In other romantic news, I have fallen back in love with my office. After sweeping out the cyber-space last week, I took a literal broom to the book nook (which had become crazed with the cluttering) in anticipation of spending virtually every free waking hour there over the summer writing Book the Third.

BEGONE Cyber Bunnies of Dust!!

Begone, I command you!

**brandishes cyber-broom, chases pixelated dust e-bunnies from the blog**


The place sure collected a fair few cobwebs in my absence… hey — is that a tumbleweed?? Out. Out, I say! Tumble your weedy wares elsewhere!!

Greetings, dear reader! (I assume that at least one of you might have hung around, waiting for me to eventually resurface – er – Hi, Mom! **waves**) My most sincere apologies for, y’know, dropping off the face of the globe.

In the wake of post-Book 2 edits, I guess I had just sort of used up my word hoard. I needed to let it refill before I started yammering on at any sort of length. The last thing any of you need to read from me is inane yammering. Heh.

Moving along…

Also, I got real busy. REAL. I was invited out to the Frye Festival in New Brunswick for a week to do a mad whirlwind schools tour. Followed by three days in Ottawa at their Writer’s Festival doing much the same thing. It was awesome – sometimes I forget just how much I enjoy hanging around teens. I did readings and answered questions and signed books and body parts and shoes and my first cast!

Then I came home and after a very brief respite, I found myself locked in a padded room for three days straight! I know what you’re thinking. And you’re wrong. This time.

No – I was recording the script for the audio version of WONDROUS STRANGE!! I did this down at the studios in the CBC building and Ann my producer and Alaine my sound engineer were fantastic! But, almost four days later, and my neck muscles still feel a bit tender.

Also? I succumbed. I caved. I gave in. I gave up. I joined. I’m a joiner.


(and I kinda really dig it!!)

Please come follow me. My screen name is LesLivingston. Don’t make me be lonely.

I’ve missed you all. I will be a better blogger. You’ll see. And you will fling me blogger cupcakes. And I will smile and get icing everywhere.

(But I have to say, the dust e-bunnies were sort of cute…)

Reviewed in the Globe and Mail!

This certainly made my weekend!

WONDROUS STRANGE received a fantastic review in Saturday’s Globe & Mail – Canada’s largest national newspaper.

Check it out! Among other lovely things, it has this to say:

“Oh, bestselling Twilight, thou hast a strong contender. Livingston delivers with skillful momentum, in the same way she unveils the complicated faerie plots lurking behind the fabric of the everyday… With mastery, Livingston handles the dramatic agony of growing up… As a young adult fantasy, this book has it all.”

Also? The review describes Sonny as a “dreamy bad boy of the first rate”. Totally. Awesome.

And the icing on this particular cake? I had the delightful, utterly coincidental pleasure of sharing the review with my good friend and authoress-supremo, Adrienne Kress, and her new fab release, Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate! She blogs about it here as well, and I shamelessly yoinked this picture that she posted from the print version:

Ahh… “mouthy power and dark cleverness”. Er… I mean… no, wait… actually, that kinda works.

Flying Dragons ROCK!!

Especially when they’re cleverly disguised as a book store!!

Behold the glorious front window of the FLYING DRAGON BOOKSHOP – a fantastic place specializing in Children’s Books right here in Toronto!

They do such lovely window displays and I’m so thrilled to see WONDROUS STRANGE as part of the most recent extravaganza, larger than life.

(Also – Happy St. Patrick’s Day! – I know of at least one or two leprechauns who’ll be getting into the honeyed mead today…)

Purple Day!!

I found out about this from a few of my other amazing writer friends. Click on over to Cassidy’s Site and check it out!

Purple Day started last year in Canada when nine year-old Cassidy Megan, who has epilepsy, wanted to broaden public awareness about her condition. Why purple? Lavender is the color associated with epilepsy around the globe.“Before I started Purple Day, I was afraid to tell people about my epilepsy,” Cassidy says. “I thought they would make fun of me. I wanted to tell everyone about epilepsy, especially that all seizures are not the same and that people with epilepsy (50 million worldwide) are ordinary people just like everyone else.”

Purple Day is March 26thWear your purple to support epilepsy awareness globally.

Last Week In Review! And WHAT a Week!

Seriously! Not in the least because it was full of flowers! Which it was… see?

But also because…

On Monday: Finished round-2 edits on the second book in the WONDROUS STRANGE trilogy. Sent the to my uber-editor. Which was cause enough for celebration! And *collapse*!

On Tuesday: Celebrated with Adrienne Kress the Official Publication date of Timothy and the Dragon’s Gate, her awesome sequel to Alex and the Ironic Gentleman! She’s super-cool! Check her out. That’s her right there! Purty, huh?

On Wednesday: It was my birthday!!! And my fabulous boyfriend gave me the purplest iPod ever with which to listen to my writing playlists!!! (And watch tiny wide-screen movies on. It is SO cool.)

And then there was Thursday.
And Thursday was all about THIS:

My Launch Party. I do not have a smilie-icon big enough or expressive enough to insert here to express what a fantastic experience this was.

The place (A great little pub called the Dominion on Queen was all decorated with blue faerie lights and we had live music and it was packed. Crazy-packed. I-didn’t-know-I-knew-that-many-people packed.

I read an excerpt from WONDROUS STRANGE!

I signed copies! For 2 1/2 hours!! There was a line-up! It was awesome!! This is me with Monica and Alex S.!

A flock of beautiful faerie-wing wearing young ladies showed up! Which is pretty much the coolest thing ever! Look (from left to right – Samantha, me, Casey and Alex B.!) :

I was interviewed by SPACE and BRAVO! See – here I am chatting with Mark Askwith (SPACE producer, braniac, and all-around nice guy)!

Wonderful bookseller Bakka Phoenix was there selling books! A lot of books!

And most of all, I was surrounded by friends – many of whom I haven’t seen in years and it was a fantastic celebration.
You can read a lovely account of it here on the Chapters Indigo website!
And then Friday… Friday? I did pretty much absolutely nothing!
Oh yeah. I also got my next round of book-2 edits back from my editor. Like I said, she’s awesome. But I don’t think she sleeps much. *grin*

DECEMBER 23, 2008

Well… today’s the day.

Today is the official on-sale day for WONDROUS STRANGE in the U.S.

Today, Sonny and Kelley and company are finally out there for anyone to meet.

The world is your snowglobe, kids. I’m proud of you. Now, go play!



(And for all you avid readers out there, hop on over to THE NOVEL GIRLS where it’s WONDROUS STRANGE week all week and we’re holding a contest to give away a signed hardcover copy of the book! Check out the side bar for details!)