FAB Fan Art!!

Check this out! The exceptionally talented Katie of Sophistikatied Reviews produced this most awesome piece of fan art based on my character of Lucky the Kelpie in the Wondrous Strange series. For those of you who’ve read the book – didn’t she wonderfully capture the spirit of those scenes? And for those of ou who haven’t – aren’t you now totally intrigued? 😉

I love “movie poster” aesthetics! Especially in a case like this. Thanks Katie – you rock!

I also wanted to say a big “thank you” to everyone who commented – here and elsewhere – on the cover art for TEMPESTUOUS! I’m so thrilled that you guys seem to love it just as much as I do. And – in answer to that burning question, it should be hitting store shelves at the very end of this year. Sorry… sorry… a huge wait, I know! But isn’t the suspense delicious? No? Okay… stop throwing things now…

(Also, in answer to Anonymous in the last comment thread; the books aren’t available yet – that I know of – in Australia. Perhaps you could ask a local bookseller to order them. Or, barring that, there’s always online retailers…)

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11 Responses to “FAB Fan Art!!”

  1. Michele says:

    That’s awesome!! That’s one of my favourite quotes from the books too… 🙂

  2. Rachel Star says:

    The cover of Tempestuous is absolutely beautiful! And whilst I haven’t read Wondrous Strange, I am now very interested! Great fan art 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can see a huge profit being made off of a movie. from both the book and the movie, if and only if you lesley call the shots. this is your vision why not make it come to life in more than one way?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This poster is amazing. What is the font “Wondrous Strange” is written in on the cover of your books and this poster?

  5. Lesley Livingston says:

    Someone – Thank you! And – what a cutie! Lucky girl. I didn’t have anyone other than Sonny, himself in mind when I wrote the books so no photographic references!

    Anonymous – keep your fingers crossed!

    Pen – You’d have to ask Katie! It is a magical mystery to me.

    Anon2 – that is actually a hand-lettered font designed exclusively for the WONDROUS series! I guess you could call it the “Wondrous Strange” Font! I feel very privileged to have it grace my covers.

  6. Foreign Yogurt! says:

    A movie would be amazing!
    Then again, if you read a book, your mind devolopes a image of the character. So when you go to see the movie, they obviously need an actor or actress to play that character. Seeing the authors version of the character will ulitmatley have you picturing that portrale whether you like it or not. Your mind just automaticly links words in a book to the portrale on screen. So in all, the movies will usually diminish your own creative imaginativability. (long word, right?) if you do end up making a movie out of it, watch over everything like a hawk. The princess and the frog movie from Disney was based of a series of books by E.D. Baker. And the movie wasn’t even close to the books. Yuch!!!!!