Hey all!

Well… last week kinda went sideways, what with the death of the hard drive in my MacAIR and all (Bob is dead! Long live AlsoBob!). There was panicking and tears and recriminations and–thankfully–not too much work lost on the current book. But… yeah. It got ugly there for a bit. Yeesh.

But! I’m finally able to announce the three winners, chosen at random, of the WONDROUS STRANGE trilogy sets! Thank you so much to everyone who entered and tweeted and blogged and spread the STARLING cover love! I adore you all!

In fact, I adore you all soooo much that I’ll be holding another giveaway plenty soon! (No hints, except to say that I might just have recently received a few shiny shiny STARLING Advance Reader Copies…) WATCH THIS SPACE!!

And now — without further ado — congratulations to:

Melissa (My World… in Words and Pages)



Please email me your mailing info to:

lesley (at) lesleylivingston (dot) com

Thanks again to everyone!

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