INDIGO Teen Read Awards!!

by Lesley Livingston

So this Saturday, I will be at the Indigo Teen Read Awards BIG EVENT!

DARKLIGHT has been nominated in the catagory of Best Canadian Read and I couldn’t possibly be more excited! Aside from the huge honour, I will get to hang out with readers and authors and there is even a red carpet! ๐Ÿ˜€

Also – as a bonus, I will be appearing earlier in the day at the Indigo at Yonge and Eglinton with two fantastic authors…

Becca Fitzpatrick, who just happened to – y’know – write a little book called HUSH, HUSH


Ally Carter, author of the awesome Gallagher Girls series and HEIST SOCIETY!

So come on out and meet me and Becca and Ally at 12:00pm on Saturday, Sept 25 at the INDIGO store at Yonge and Eglinton!


by Lesley Livingston

Hi! It’s me! I’m back!

No really. I am. Don’t look at me like that – I had a deadline! It’s a word that has the word “dead” in it. At any rate, I’m very pleased to say that I’m about to hand in the first finished draft of the manuscript for ONCE EVERY NEVER. I’m so excited about this book and I really hope you guys will be too! I think you will be. ๐Ÿ™‚

And then, as of today, I no longer have to sit on the news of my next project (and let me tell you, the keeping-secret-thereof has been killing me!) because my new deal announcement for a brand new trilogy with HarperCollins is out!

It’s called STARLING and I’m really thrilled about it. Here is the official Publishers Weekly announcement:

HarperTeen Nabs Bourne-Like YA Trilogy

Jessica Regel, at Jean V. Naggar, sold North American rights to a supernatural YA trilogy by Lesley Livingston tentatively called STARLING. HarperTeen editor Laura Arnold acquired the books, which Regel said are reminiscent of The Bourne Identity and “blend Norse, Egyptian, and Greek mythologies with paranormal elements.” In the series, warring powerful New York City crime families, all with ties to the supernatural, vie for control of the fate of mankind. Book one in the trilogy is scheduled for summer 2012. Livingston’s debut novel, the 2008 faerie-tinged Wondrous Strange, was the first book in a YA trilogy she just finished for HarperTeen; book two, Darklight, was released in 2009, and book three, Tempestuous, is scheduled for January 2011.

Now I’m going to go celebrate! Or nap! Or both!

But before I do that, I also wanted say that I really appreciate all of the comments you guys leave. I know I’m not always around to answer them (remember the “deadline” word!) but please know that I read each and every one and they are so very much appreciated! You guys rock.

Now let’s party before I pass out on my keyboard! Wooo!

FAB Fan Art!!

by Lesley Livingston

Check this out! The exceptionally talented Katie of Sophistikatied Reviews produced this most awesome piece of fan art based on my character of Lucky the Kelpie in the Wondrous Strange series. For those of you who’ve read the book – didn’t she wonderfully capture the spirit of those scenes? And for those of ou who haven’t – aren’t you now totally intrigued? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love “movie poster” aesthetics! Especially in a case like this. Thanks Katie – you rock!

I also wanted to say a big “thank you” to everyone who commented – here and elsewhere – on the cover art for TEMPESTUOUS! I’m so thrilled that you guys seem to love it just as much as I do. And – in answer to that burning question, it should be hitting store shelves at the very end of this year. Sorry… sorry… a huge wait, I know! But isn’t the suspense delicious? No? Okay… stop throwing things now…

(Also, in answer to Anonymous in the last comment thread; the books aren’t available yet – that I know of – in Australia. Perhaps you could ask a local bookseller to order them. Or, barring that, there’s always online retailers…)


by Lesley Livingston

After months of having to sit tight on this, I can finally, officially announce the (real) name — and, more importantly, show off the GLORIOUS cover art — of that which has hitherto been referred to only as Book the Third!

Ladies and Gents, it is with great pleasure that I present to you…


To say I am over the moon for this cover would be woefully, shamefully, massively inadequate. Please excuse me while I gaze, slackjawed. Feel free to do the same! ๐Ÿ™‚

And then tell me! What do you guys think?

Round-Up: Part the First!

by Lesley Livingston

Well… the last few weeks have been all sorts of cool.

All sorts of exhausting cool.

And, yes, I know… I haven’t blogged a stitch about it. Because the coolness was all-encompassing and ate up all my time and most of my higher brain functions! So to make up for that, I promise a series of posts wherein I get you all caught up. With pictures!

First of all, there was the the White Pine Festival down at Harbourfront. I know I mentioned awhile ago that I was shortlisted for this award and, let me tell you, the students and teachers in schools across Ontario take this thing pretty darn seriously! It’s amazing. The award is student-voted on and at the two-day Festival of Trees celebration, the authors get treated like rock stars. The festivities are held outside and there’s always a huge turn-out of students and teachers and librarians! And much insane cheering and hooting during the ceremony…

A view of the crowd and the author nominees on the stage.
(I’m at the very far left)

I had the opportunity to hang out with some really fabulous authors – Tim Wynne Jones was particularly entertaining to sit next to on the stage – but the best thing, as always, was meeting the fans and readers. These kids were outstanding. They are passionate readers and not shy about letting you know it.

That’s me signing autographs in a very chilly tent for some very awesome students!
One of whom could totally be a leprechaun in my universe – check the awesome green ‘hawk!

The award ceremony itself, with all the authors lined up on the stage.
WONDROUS STRANGE won “Honour Book”!

Aside from the awards themselves, there were weeks of school-visit shenanigans leading up to that. I went to Peterborough, North York, Etobicoke, Oshawa, Scarborough, Bayfield, and Belleville, among others.

Here are some shots from one of my school visits – in Scarborough, at L’Amoreaux Collegiate:

They put my name on the sign!

And created a cool display with a beaded horse-tail and a horn to call the Wild Hunt!

My hosts, Dianne and Officer Reeve and another WONDROUS STRANGE
display, complete with a 4-leaf clover pendant!

This particular visit was a lot of fun (who am I kidding – they’re ALL fun!) because Officer Reeve is the School Resource Officer – a real live policeman who is stationed at the school as a community liason and he runs a reading club for the boys at L’amoreaux. Which is very cool, because there often isn’t enough encouragement these days for boys to read. He was my escort for the day and picked me up from the subway to drive me to the school… in the cruiser! ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, sure. Maybe I did wind up in handcuffs.

But I didn’t actually try to steal his cruiser…

I only thought about it!

Anyway, he had to let me go – otherwise I never would have made it to the festival!

Next up:
The Supernatural Tour!


by Lesley Livingston

Quickie post!

Don’t forget if you are in the Greater Toronto Area in the next three days and would like the opportunity to meet me, Aprilynne Pike – author of WINGS and SPELLS, and Kim Harrison – author of ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY and EARLY TO DEATH EARLY TO RISE – then check out the SUPERNATURAL TOUR info in the post below!

I have it on good authority that there may be swag… SWAG!!!


by Lesley Livingston


Join me, Kim Harrison, and Aprilynne Pike for three evenings of Supernatural Fun!

I am SO thrilled to be participating in the SUPERNATURAL TOUR this summer and I’m even more thrilled to be taking part in events with two such fantastic authors! The only thing that could make it even better, is if YOU could join us, too!

Click on the link above or on the graphic in the sidebar to go to the Facebook infopage for these events! And please feel free to yoink the graphic to post wherever you’d like! Let’s spread the word!

Hope to see you there!

A return to bloggery + SUPER GOOD NEWS!!!

by Lesley Livingston

Okay. Have you all had your fill of Mr. Saucy-pants Leprechaun?

Well… I suppose you can always scroll down the blog if you haven’t. But for this post you’re stuck with little ol’ me! That’s right. I’m back! I’d sort of planned to ease back into blogging after I handed in Book 3 – and then I realized that there was a whole lot o’ stuff that I had to tend to, all of which I’d let pile up while I was finishing that book. A lot of it’s still there – including a mountain of emails I owe responses to (I’m working on it! I promise!), but enough radio silence. You guys deserve an update!

Also, I just had to come on over and share some good news. To wit:

WONDROUS STRANGE has won the CLA (Canadian Library Association) Award for Young Adult Book 2010!!!

Here is the Press Release.

I am flailing like a muppet in absolute joy. Seriously – take a minute and picture that!

This is a pretty big thing for me. Aside from the prestigious company of the other short-listed authors, the award is voted on by librarians. And I think librarians are 18 different kinds of awesome. At least.

Also? I’m still dealing with the fact that I’m a published author. By “dealing with” I mean “occasionally randomly dropping whatever it is I’m doing to run around in little circles like a hyperactive puppy clapping my hands in glee”… so I’m not actually sure what adding “award-winning” into that mix is going to do to me. But it might, ultimately, involve tranquilizer darts.

At any rate, I have to thank you guys for your support and enthusiasm – even when I am persona in absentia so frequently around these parts. And to answer the most frequently asked question from the comment trail below, Book the Third will be out at the end of this year. To NOT answer the other most frequently asked question, the title (which is not, actually, Book the Third) has not officially been announced yet. But when it is, I will post about it here first!

To answer another couple of FAQ’s, the Italian version of DARKLIGHT (Lampi di Tenebri or “Flashes in the Darkness” – isn’t that pretty?) is available NOW from the lovely people at Fazi Editore!! Look! Beautiful! And I can attest that there are lovely ink drawings scattered throughout, pictures of Central Park landmarks – so cool!!

The Spanish version ( Los Cuatro Tronos or “The Four Thrones” – and look at the gorgeous cover!)…

…should be out soon from the marvelous people at ViceVersa (I’ll let you know as soon as I know) .

And, apparently, so will the Danish version of WONDROUS STRANGE from the delightful people at Tellerup! Titled, appropriately enough, Kelley and I think this cover is gorgeous, too!

There! How much fun was that? All packed into one post!!

Happy Leprechaun Appreciation Day!!

by Lesley Livingston

Yeah… I know… he doesn’t exactly look like the Wee Gree Men in DARKLIGHT… missing a few tattoos, a knife, and a nasty attitude.

Still – don’t you just wanna snap his little shamrock arm-band? ๐Ÿ˜‰

(-;[D <--- closest I could come to a leprechaun emoticon. (Would that make it an emoti-chaun??) And, by the way, I'm awfully sorry for this most recent bout of radio silence... would it make it better if I said that

Would that help?

Chat with me on Saturday!!

by Lesley Livingston

Want to talk?

Youโ€™re invited to join me in a live one-hour chat this Saturday, February 6. Got questions about Wondrous Strange and Darklight? Want to talk shop about writing and editing tips? Fire away. Are you an inkpop member? is an online community that connects aspiring teen writers, lit fans, and Trendsetters โ€ฆ with the ultimate goal of giving awesome writers a chance at a HarperTeen book deal.

WHEN: Saturday, February 6, at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (2 p.m. Pacific)

WHERE: inkpop Forums

WHO: You and me

HOW: If youโ€™re not already an inkpop member, log onto asap to create a profile. Youโ€™ll need a profile in order to post comments on the Forums chat thread. Talk to you soon!