Tell-tale Signs There Has Been a Faerie Battle in Your Neighborhood!

Or, “Life Imitates Art”

Okay… this is a little eerie…

For those of you who’ve read WONDROUS STRANGE, you’ll have already met Queen Mabh’s pals, the Cailleach – or Storm Hags, as they are affectionately (!) referred to.

Well… the Hags make an appearance in DARKLIGHT, too (during a bit of a knock-down with some of the nastier creatures of the Otherworld). And they do stuff like – er – this right in the middle of Central Park:


“Kelley glanced upward as a deafening whine and hiss assaulted her ears. The sky directly above her head tumbled with black and purple thunderheads and three Cailleach—her mother’s fearsome Storm Hags—suddenly appeared in a burst of lightning and thunder…

The Cailleach were like the living embodiment of unpleasant weather—in this case, three whip-twisty funnel clouds… they swirled together into one massive, tornado-like formation, plucked the whole tangled pack of thrashing fae out of the Gill, and spun away with them over the tree-tops, spitting lightning randomly about the park as they went.

The silence left behind in their wake was deafening.”

Then I saw this news report about a violent storm sweeping through the park and wondered if they’d actually managed to escape the pages of the book!! 😉

Check out this footage of the aftermath – scary stuff!

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6 Responses to “Tell-tale Signs There Has Been a Faerie Battle in Your Neighborhood!”

  1. Maggie says:

    Hi Lesley,

    I met you at Bayfield a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed ‘Wondrous Strange’! Can’t wait for ‘Darklight’!!! 😀